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80000mAh Portable Solar Charger Dua USB External Battery Power Bank

Item Specs: Solar panel: 1.5 W
Input: 5V - 1A
Output 1: 5V - 1A
Output 2: 5V - 2.1A
Charge time: ~ 6-8 Hours
Compatible with: iPhones, Nokia, Samsungs, Sony, Xiaomi, etc
Size: 4.72 in x 2.95 in x 0.79 in
Weight: 7.5 oz

Item Description

This listing is for the 80,000 mAh portable solar charger, a device that is compatible with most mobile phones and electronic devices.
You can charge your items on-the-go and take full advantage of this item's solar charging features. Charger contains two main forms of charge: sunlight and electricity.
Unit features a solar panel, four indicator lights that show the unit's battery level, a built-in flashlight (operated by pressing down on the flashlight for 2-3 secs) and a metal case that protects the unit's insides from damage.
Unit is safe to use, efficient, and useful for camping trips and much more.


1 x Golden Solar power charger
1 x USB Cable
4 x Port adapters (Micro USB, Mini USB, for iPhone 4G & Nokia)

***Important Notes***

1.It might be a little hard to press the switch on
2.Please charge item through wall outlet the first time
3.Manufacturer's Nominal Capacity: 80,000mAh - Actual may not
4.Solar charging is supplemental, DO NOT rely on it for full charge
5.The iPhone 5-6 Lightning Adapter is not included with this device
6.A/C plug is not included with this device

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